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Concrete Services That Make an Impact

Concrete isn’t just for sidewalks and parking lots anymore. It’s become the go-to flooring for many businesses. Metallic epoxies, paints, and stains can transform concrete into art. But when it comes to commercial concrete, accounting for foot traffic is crucial.

Commercial floors, patios, walkways, steps, or ramps require higher structural integrity and performance standards. They need to be durable, safe, and strong. Mistakes can be costly. You need a top-notch company dedicated to customer service and attention to detail. NW Builders & Renovation has the extensive knowledge and professional skill to take your concrete project from start to finish.

Floors are Just the Start...

We get our fair share of rain in the Northwest. While it’s great for the greenery, wet areas can be a huge liability for business owners. We use industry-leading slip-resistant interior finishes and coatings like epoxy terrazzo coatings that are decorative, durable, yet easy to maintain. Maintaining a safe exterior is equally important. NW Builders & Renovation guarantee the exterior concrete will be reinforced and able to support heavy vehicle loads.

Design, Demo and Done

The concrete specialists at NW Builders & Renovation can help you add curb appeal, smooth out uneven areas, or create a new outdoor space for customers. Our creative teams can help you with layout, colors, finishes, decorative accents, and more. You’ll have a project manager to take care of permits, codes, and standards and keep you informed throughout the process. Our certified concrete contractors make sure the area is prepped, and that installation is smooth. We get it right the first time.

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Concrete Companies –Experienced Solution

While there are many concrete companies experienced that impact the outcome. You should work with a reputable company that knows how to get the job done to get the best results. 

Northwest Builders & Renovation has had the opportunity to work with contractors, developers, owners, and engineers on various concrete methodologies during our nearly years in the industry. Many of our ideas have become today’s standards and practices.

Northwest Builders & Renovation’s capabilities include:

Our concrete division operates one of the most extensive concrete pumping and belting operations. We expertly design and install all types of concrete formwork and have some of the industry’s most experienced place and finish crews.

It is a reliable company with the same level of expertise and dependability to construction hauling as it does to our other services.The Northwest Builders & Renovation’s mission is to be the best supplier of concrete services and bring expertise and quality to each project.

We continue to expand and upgrade our facilities to better serve the growing market for commercial, industrial, parking structures, and public works projects.

Give your project the best start with services from one of the best concrete companies.

Our concrete contractors are all professionally trained individuals who are well-versed in various concrete services. We hold annual construction refresher courses to keep our experts up to date on the latest advancements in all things concrete. It guarantees that you will receive more than just high-quality concrete services when you work with us. Similarly, all materials and equipment we use for our concrete services are of high quality.

We also provide routine concrete maintenance and repair services based on your concrete needs and preferences as a client. To ensure the success of your concrete projects, you must hire our professional cement experts to handle all concrete services for you.

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