Commercial Roof Maintenance

Long-Term Roof Protection & Maintenance Experts

At NW Builders & Renovation, we know that the integrity of a commercial building and what’s inside depends on a durable and safe roof. Comparatively small roofing issues can end up costing a lot of money in the long-term if not addressed in time. Professional, regular maintenance from our experienced team can reduce energy bills, minimize costly repairs, and extend the life of your commercial roof.

The Benefits of Roof Maintenance

Year-round rain and snow conditions, heavy equipment like HVACs, and industrial pipes and skylights can cause wear and tear, eventually compromising a company’s roof. Routine maintenance by the trained experts at NW Builders & Renovations will help identify problems before they become big issues.

Some of our commercial roof maintenance services include:

  • Acrylic and silicon applications help seal the surface, filling in cracks or crevices
  • Roof flashing to help prevent water from penetrating your roofing system at joints, vents, or other openings.
  • Regular cleaning, inspection, and clearing debris from equipment and sealed areas.
  • Roof Coating

Maintenance is Your Best Line of Defense

NW Builders & Renovation can help keep your roof in top condition. If you suspect an issue or just want to stay one step ahead of issues, Contact us now for more information. 

Commercial Roof Maintenance
Roof Maintenance

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