Commercial Roof Replacement

Protect Your Business And Your Productivity

The roof of your company provides shelter for warehouse production, a safe space for essential services, and houses dedicated employees. Heavy equipment, such as HVACs, Northwest weather, and environmental conditions challenge the integrity of commercial roofs. It’s crucial to catch issues early.

The NW Builders & Renovation experts will identify and fix problems before they get worse. However, if we see that the roof is extensively damaged and a simple patch will not last long, we will recommend replacing the roof. 

Cost-Saving Measures And Reliable Roof Repair

Leaks can lead to mold and mildew, putting the health of your workers and clients at risk. Major leaks can lead to structural damage. Our highly-trained and skilled team provides lasting roof repairs with certified products. The NW Builders & Renovation seasoned roofing specialists will help business owners save money with repairs and recommend replacement and maintenance necessary. 

If you need help with your commercial roof, then look no further. Our team is on standby, and we’ll be willing to answer just about any question you may have about the service. Contact us today for a quote or to find out more.

We’ll send a certified estimator to inspect your roof.

Then, following NRCA, ASTM, and OSHA standards, we will repair your roof.

We even provide artistry warranties on the majority of standard repairs.

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